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Containers, Pallets and Lids

At Con-Trol, consistency is key.

Explore the pool container options to see the available sizes and capacities in totes, large plastic containers, metal containers, pallets and lids.

  • Totes
  • Large Plastic Containers
  • Metal Containers
  • Pallets & Lids

Our smallest container option, stackable plastic totes are perfect for carrying any products weighing less than 24 pounds. Easily transport nuts, bolts, washers or other smaller materials from your supplier to facility safely and securely.

Choose from nine different sizes.

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For larger products weighing less than 1500 pounds, we offer large plastic containers. Our large plastic containers are lightweight and come in nine different sizes to provide the perfect shipping container for mid-size materials.

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For your heaviest materials, we offer large metal containers. Easily pack your large products weighing up to 4000 pounds for easy shipping. Our metal containers are available in five different sizes.

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Providing flat, stable surface for your materials, our pallets will support up to 1,855 pounds. Our pallets are available in both wood and plastic with your choice of eleven different sizes.

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